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Local & district heating

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Hargassner local and district heating

The principle of local heating is focused on heating other homes. A central biomass local heating network supplies several households up to a small town with thermal heat. The biomass heating plant includes the boiler room and storage room. Well insulated pipes lead to the individual heat consumers. Most heating plants use wood chips as fuel.

Advantages when heating with wood chips
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Wood Chip Boiler

Innovative and affordable
heating with wood chips

Modern wood chip heating systems from Hargassner combine comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner
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Industrial Boiler

Highest efficiency for
industry & trade

Sustainable solution for industrial heating needs.

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Industrieheizung Magno-SR Front ohne Anbauteile

Heating modules -
Practical, affordable & versatile

With Eco-Box, Heating module & Powerbox
you can heat flexible and everywhere.

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Advantages of local and district heating systems at a glance