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One storey higher: Hargassner Energy World expansion

Office building extension completed

After only eight months of construction, the Hargassner Energy World has grown by an entire floor.
This completed the extension of the central office building.
In February 2023, five departments and the management moved into the new premises.

Excellent planning and fast implementation

Almost two years after the grand opening of Hargassner Energy World during the 2019 in-house exhibition, it was clear that more office space would be needed in the near future. So the planning phase for the extension began. Project manager Florian Pommer was able to secure the services of Ried-based architects Matulik for the overall design management, with long-standing construction planner TECH3 also involved in the project from the outset.

Only with the help of this top team we were able to meet the technical and enormous time challenges.

Florian Pommer | Hargassner Project Manager

Just in time

The construction period was only eight months, but the extension was largely completed by the end of 2022. For this reason, it was extremely important that all the trades, such as master builder, timber construction, facade construction, roofing and many more, interlocked smoothly like a well-oiled cogwheel. The extension also had to be carried out with great care to avoid any damage to the existing building.

Wood: The all-rounder

Heating with wood is clean and environmentally friendly. This renewable resource is also one of the oldest, most natural and versatile building materials in the world and is therefore rightly regarded as sustainable and valuable in terms of building biology and construction technology. For this reason, Hargassner once again opted for wood and the CTL construction method, which allowed the extension to be completed in just a few weeks thanks to the high degree of prefabrication.

More room for good ideas to flourish

In February 2023, work on the new first floor of the Energy World was completed and the 1,520 m² of office space was moved into. 65 workstations and the new meeting rooms are now used by five departments. The 180 m² village square is the place to meet for a break.