pellet boiler

Pellets instead of gas for the Kadanka family

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Nano-PK 6–15 Pelletheizung Hargassner

The Kadanka family decided to switch to the efficient and environmentally friendly Nano-PK 15 kW from Hargassner. With this pellet boiler, the family can not only save money, but also actively do something for the environment. By switching from a liquid gas boiler to a more sustainable heating system, they are making an important contribution to climate protection.

The Nano-PK 15 kW ensures a reliable heat supply in the Kadanka family’s home. Thanks to the GWT-MAX 250 x 250 bag silo and the layered hygienic accumulator with a capacity of 1000 litres, the heat supply is optimally regulated and heating becomes even more efficient. With this advanced heating solution, the family demonstrates in an exemplary manner how you can actively contribute to reducing your own ecological footprint by making conscious decisions in the area of energy supply.