pellet boiler

Sustainable heating system for family Kleber

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Nano-PK 20–32 Pelletheizung Hargassner

The Kleber family owns a Nano-PK with an output of 25 kW, a Lamba Touch, and an integrated hydraulic module. The pellets are transported from a self-built silo in the cellar to the boiler using a Hargassner AUPProfessional with four extraction points.

For environmental reasons, the boiler is also equipped with an Öko Tube fine dust filter. The HSP 1,000 litre layered hygienic accumulator is used to heat both the underfloor heating circuit and the radiator heating circuit, which can heat a living area of 350 m². The layered accumulator was connected to a solar system (approximately 6 m²) and a heating rod. To ensure smooth and uncomplicated operation, an automatic refill unit and a Reflex vacuum spray pipe degassing system were installed.

Innovative, efficient and climate-friendly at the same time – we think it’s great!