Wood chip boiler

Heating system for ideal ventilation

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Eco-HK 70-120 Hargassner

The consumption of approx. 450 m³ of wood chips per year is roughly equivalent to 50,000 l of liquid gas – we are pleased that we have now invested in a safe and cost-effective heating solution.

Tobias Wimleitner , Managing directorr Wimberg GmbH

    Hargassner Eco-HK as a cascade system

    Heating system for constant indoor climate

    In the video you can learn more about Wimberg GmbH
    and the new heating system in the stables according to the “BTS concept”.
    (particularly animal-friendly stable system)

    One-day-old chicks are brought to the Wimberg GmbH farm in Weng in Upper Austria, where they are then raised and fattened. To ensure that the environment and indoor climate are as animal-friendly as possible, a constant room temperature and draught-free air exchange are essential. For this reason, the managers decided to install floor heating with a cascade system for an even heat supply. In this way, the room temperature in the 2,400 m² stables can be kept constant and, thanks to the side wall inlets, sufficient fresh air also enters the stable buildings.

    With the Eco-HK wood chip boiler from Hargassner, Wimberger GmbH is now able to heat the poultry houses all year round. No oxygen is extracted from the air in the barns, which is very beneficial to the welfare of the animals. In addition, a large part of the required annual wood chips, which is about 450 m³ , comes from the company’s own farm, which has also greatly improved the price situation.