wood chip boiler

Biomass heating plant for Bad Schallerbach

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Eco-HK 250-330 Hargassner

As part of the Energy Offensive 2023, a biomass heating plant was built in the Upper Austrian municipality of Bad Schallerbach together with Feischl Haustechnik within four months. Two Hargassner Eco-HK wood chip systems, each with an output of 250 kW, now supply the school centre and the houses of the former tram home with sustainable heat.

They are heated with wood chips from local farmers. The wood chips are fed to the boilers via a vertical filling system with DN300 vertical and horizontal augers. The excess heat is stored in accumulator tanks totalling 32,000 litres. The modular M-AFS ash conveying system, including a 300 litre ash bin, automatically extracts the ash produced.