wood log heating

Heating system for the Pott family

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner

With their new Hargassner heating system, the Pott family, who live in a multi-dwelling unit in Germany, have opted for sustainability and efficiency. The premium version of the Neo-HV 20 wood gasifier features an automatic boiler cleaning system, automatic ceramic ignition and a convenient ash drawer. While the log heating system provides cosy warmth from a local and renewable fuel in winter, the thermal solar system provides hot water in summer. The power of the sun is also used to support the heating system in winter. Two solar layered accumulators store heat that is not needed in the short term and feed it into the heating system or use it to generate hot water when needed. A fresh water station ensures efficient and convenient domestic water heating with no stagnant water. With this new sustainable heating system, the Pott family not only benefits from maximum independence from fossil fuels, but also saves on heating costs without harming the environment.