Gasifier for metre-long wood logs

Oil out,
Wood logs in!

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MV 55-110 Hargassner


The Kalb family, owners of a multi-dwelling unit in Hersbruck, Germany, were looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to their old oil heating system. It was soon decided that the new heating system would be powered by wooden logs, the classic among biomass fuels. With a carbon footprint of less than 2 m² and a large filling volume of 450 litres, the choice fell on the metre log wood gasifier MV 55, which, with 49 kW,  provides enough power for the entire area of the multi-dwelling unit. The side shaft makes it easy to fill with wooden logs up to 110 cm. In addition, this wood log boiler is economical to use due to its high efficiency.


For wood storage, a small room with a shaft was added to the cellar so that the metre-long logs could be easily stored on site. The one-metre logs can be purchased cheaply and regionally and do not require any further processing (e.g. small chopping). By combining it with a thermal solar system, the domestic water is heated by solar power during the warm season. This means that the metre log wood gasifier does not have to be operated in the summer,  which not only saves energy but also money.