Industrial heating system for timber construction specialists

upgrades with Magno technology

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High-performance industrial boiler

Magno industrial heating sytem for Züblin Timber

This video gives you an inside look into the latest Hargassner MAGNO industrial heating technology for the greatest heat demand. Industrial companies in particular benefit from using their own wood waste for heat generation.


Züblin Timber, based in the Augsburg area, is part of the Strabag Group and specialises in the construction of timber buildings. The company’s own wood waste is now utilised by two Magno boilers for heat generation. Our task was to replace the old heating system with two Magno-SRs. The Müller company – one of our top partners from Germany – took care of the dismantling and preparation for the new boilers as well as all the building services installations. The new installation ensures the heating of several production halls, offices and a drying chamber.


Sustainability in the production process is in the foreground.

The shredded wood waste from the company’s own production is now used as heating fuel. The fuel is supplied by means of an existing silo discharge into a Hargassner distribution tank and from there it is further distributed to the respective boilers by means of heavy fuel distribution augers. An 800 kW and a 1,400 kW boiler were installed. Both are equipped with an electrostatic precipitator – in order to comply with the strict environmental protection guidelines in Germany. An external buffer storage tank with 102 m³ storage volume rounds off the entire system.