Wood chip heating

Wood chip heating technology in detail

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner

The top heating performances

Particle separator

Particle separator

Reduce your particulate emissions! Choose the right system for you from the various particle separator.

Step grate: 1. Grate Movement

Double Rotary Grate: 1. Grate Movement

The grate consists of two consecutive and stepped grates which can move independently. During combustion the grates are moved accurately to ensure a homogeneous firebed.

Step grate: 2. Rear Rotary Grate

Double Rotary Grate: 2. Rear Rotary Grate

Pellets as well as Micanthus can be combusted easily. If regular wood chips are used, only the rear de-ash grate opens. Ash is falling down and embers remain.

Step grate: 3. Open Both Grates

Double Rotary Grate: 3. Open Both Grates

If the boiler is completely cold a full cleaning process is executed prior to start. Both grates open, cold ash and all foreign objects like stones, nails, etc. are being disposed.