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Micro-dust filter – OekoTube-Inside

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Micro-dust filter in the flue pipe


OekoTube-Inside – The fine dust separator for your biomass boiler

The OekoTube-Inside is an electrostatic micro-dust separator and is integrated into the connecting pipe between the boiler and the chimney. The filter is compatible with all Hargassner pellets and wood log heating systems up to 60 kW.

Depending on the heating and output (kW), there are two design variants, which differ only in the diameter of the flue pipe:

  • OekoTube Inside 130 – DN 130 x 500 mm
  • OekoTube Inside 150 – DN 150 x 500 mm

The entire filter technology consists of a control unit and the matching micro-dust filter. NEW as accessory: Dust box with adapter for horizontal installation of the OekoTube Inside

In the following table you will find the assignment of the filter to Hargassner boilers.

Further Information


Easy to assemble

After installing the boiler, the OekoTube-Inside is installed in the connection pipe.


Lowest power consumption

The chimney draught is not affected by the operation of the micro-dust filter. A socket (230 V AC) is required at the installation site for the power supply. The OekoTube switches on and off automatically via a temperature sensor. The power requirement is max. 30 watts.


It couldn't be easier

During the furnace check by the chimney sweep, the OekoTube-Inside is also cleaned. The separated fine dust can be removed with a conventional chimney broom. The flexible electrode evades the brush and does not have to be removed for cleaning.

Matching OekoTube micro-dust filter to the biomass heating system

Type Smart-PK
Classic Lambda
OekoTube Inside 130
OekoTube Inside 150

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OekoTube-Inside micro-dust filter set consists of the micro-dust filter and a control unit

Technical data

Type OekoTube 130 OekoTube 150 Steuereinheit
Filtration efficiency % > 93,9 > 93,9
DIBt approva Z-7.4-3451 Z-7.4-3451
Diameter mm 130 150
Total/nominal length mm 500/440 500/440
Maximum flue gas temperature °C 250 250
Weight kg 4,5 4,5 3,5
High voltage kV / mA max. 30 / 1 modulierend
Power consumption W max. 30, Standby < 1
Supply voltage VAC 230
Dimensions mm 283 x 112 x 115