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Heat meters
HM 1,5–15

Multical® 403 with integrated Kamstrup M-Bus module is a robust, static heat meter based on ultrasound.

The meter is intended for energy measurement of almost all types of thermal installations with water as the energy carrier. It consists of a calculator, a flow sensor and two temperature sensors and is designed to measure energy consumption in flats, detached houses and multiple-dwelling residences, housing associations, multi- storey buildings and small industries.

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Hargassner M-Bus Converter

Must be ordered in addition!

The 1.5 and 2.5 m³/h heat meters can be integrated into a Hargassner substation and of course connected directly to the Hargassner controller (M-Bus converter optional). All our heat meters from 1.5 to 15m³/h can be used with any Hargassner boiler.

The data is automatically transferred to the Hargassner controller by the additional “M-Bus converter” module and can therefore be read on the boiler display and on the web.

Technical Data

Type WMZ 1,5 WMZ 2,5 WMZ 6 WMZ 10 WMZ 15
Flow rate qp m³/h up to 1,5 up to 2,5 up to 6,0 up to 10 up to 15
Size DN mm x inches 130 x 3/4″ 130 x 3/4″ 260 x 1″ 300 x 1 1/2″ 270 x FL DN50

Components of the heat meter installation set