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Solar panels on the balcony: What are the benefits?

Using solar energy on the balcony

Balcony space is limited, as are design options, but solar systems make it possible to turn even small balconies into a self-sufficient source of energy and sustainable cost savings.

There are two ways to harness the unlimited energy of the sun: Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems. While the photovoltaic system generates electricity that can be used by the building itself or fed into the public grid, a solar system on the balcony is used to generate thermal energy for heating and hot water. The principle of solar thermal energy generation is very simple. Which is the right choice is a very individual question that depends not least on the space available. Many experts recommend a combination of the two.

What are the benefits of solar energy on the balcony?

A major advantage of solar systems over photovoltaics is their high efficiency of around 50 per cent. In practice, this means that solar energy on the balcony provides a high yield from a small area: a solar system with an area of just four to five square metres is sufficient to cover around 70 per cent of the energy needed to heat water in an average household. In addition, solar thermal energy can be used to support the heating system. Overall, this environmentally friendly technology can save between 10% and 30% of the energy costs for heating and hot water.

Flexible solar systems for balconies and other surfaces

Solar panels are usually installed on roofs. They are ideal surfaces for a number of reasons – not only is space available, but the angle of inclination of common gable roofs is well suited to efficient energy production. It is also possible to install solar systems on balconies and other exterior surfaces such as facades. Hargassner, the specialist in heating technology, has the high-quality TS 330 M cross collector in its range, which has been specially designed for vertical and horizontal installation. With its robust support construction and matching connections, the model offers a wide range of design options. For example, a solar system on a balcony can be installed on the railing or on the outside wall.


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