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Biomass with a twist!

One-of-a-kind: Hargassner pellet heating system for the Mondsee flagship

The MS Mondseeland is the largest and most modern passenger ship on Lake Mondsee. Following a complete refurbishment, it is now in operation both in the summer and winter. The panoramic cabin offers cosy warmth even in the cold season. This beautiful excursion ship also hides the world’s only seaworthy pellet heating system in its hull!

A technical challenge

The challenges for the general refurbishment were considerable. One thing was clear from the outset: sustainability was paramount. The limited space available in the hull and the narrow access points called for a very compact system, but one that allowed all the individual adaptations to the existing and new ship technology and the desired accumulator system.

The amount of fuel that can be stored in a ship is limited. In a vessel, any additional weight is also a factor in fuel consumption.

One-of-a-kind worldwide

The decision was made in favour of a 12.2 kW Hargassner Nano-PK pellet boiler. This biomass heating technology, at its best, is a CO₂-neutral heating wonder with a wide range of applications. Together with a Hargassner accumulator system and pellet storage container, it significantly improves the ecological footprint of the ship.

Our innovation was recently awarded the silver “Wood Energy Award 2023”. The Nano-PK pellet boiler not only proved its efficiency but was also recognised for its sustainable performance. This success underlines our commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly heating solutions.

More about the Wood Energy Award

In the past, the panoramic cabin could never be heated properly. Even with a thick jacket, it was uncomfortable for up to 50 passengers in the winter. With the new heating system, combined with efficient insulation, we will achieve an average temperature in the cabin that is ten degrees higher. We also expect to reduce CO₂ emissions by about seven to eight metric tonnes per year. And all this with very cheap fuel. So a triple win.

Christoph Buchbauer , Schifffahrt Meindl GmbH Managing Director