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How to calculate your heating costs

Every homeowner or prospective homeowner would like to know in advance what heating costs to expect per year. In order to make a roughly accurate calculation, you need to know a few parameters of your home, heating system and fuel.

First of all, one should know the ‘final energy consumption of the building‘. If you have an energy certificate, you can read it there (if it is a consumption certificate). Furthermore, the average costs of the heating material, the area to be heated and the conversion of the energy price into kilowatt hours (kWh) are interesting.

Sounds complicated? But it is not. Let’s calculate it together using an example:

Calculate heating costs based on energy consumption

The final energy consumption of the building is given in kWh / m2 / year. This is noted, for example, in the energy certificate.

Calculation: Living space in m2 x factor 1.2 (for old buildings x 1.3) x final energy consumption in kWh / m² .a x cost of heating material in cent/kWh (source:

200 m² x 1.2 = 240 x 37 x 6.9 cents / kWh = 61,272 cents per year = 612.72 € per year heating costs.

This is a guideline value with which you can roughly calculate. However, one should not forget about fluctuating factors such as climatic influences (e.g. long winters with extraordinarily low temperatures), individual heating behaviour or global political effects on purchase prices.

Calculate heating costs based on practical consumption

Now, if you do not have final energy consumption at hand, you can calculate your consumption using another method. We start from the initial stock and later from the remaining stock of the heating material within one year to calculate the energy price.

Calculation: initial stock 7 to pellets – remaining stock after one year 4 to pellets = consumption of 3 to pellets / year.

At an average cost of 350 € / to pellets, this results in: 3 to pellets x 350 € = 1,050 € heating costs per year.

The stated pellet price per tonne is an average value and depends on fluctuating factors such as global political effects, current demand and availability.

Calculate costs for hot water

In addition to the costs for heating, the energy costs for the preparation of hot water are also interesting.

There is a rule of thumb here:
1000 kWh x persons living in the household = kWh hot water consumption / year x average fuel costs in cents/kWh.

1000 x 3 = 3,000 kWh x 5.1 cents / kWh (for Pel) = 153 € hot water costs / year.

If you add the heating costs and the hot water costs at the end, you get the TOTAL ENERGY COSTS of the house.

But the oldest fuel in the world has even more to offer than cost-effective heating. Wood makes an important contribution to environmental protection, as the combustion of pellets, wood chips or logs only releases as much CO₂ as the tree has bound in the course of its life – CO₂-neutral and environmentally friendly heating. In addition, long transport routes are eliminated due to the regionality of wood and thus also strengthen the regional economy.

In addition to the top modern fuel, the environmentally friendly biomass heating systems also help protect our environment.

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