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The consumption of a log heating boiler

You want to heat your house with wood? But you are not sure yet how high the consumption will be with a log wood boiler? Then we will help you answer your questions in this article.

If you know how much wood you should plan for a heating period, you also know the costs that come to you per year. When using logs, there is also the fact that the wood must first dry after being cut and split. It is best to use wood for heating, which has a water content of about 20%.

How quickly wood dries depends on storage and weather conditions. Temperature, humidity, sunlight and wind are the main factors that determine the drying time. Harder wood, such as oak or beech, takes longer than soft softwood. Thus, drying can take between one and three years. If the logs are stored optimally and have plenty of air and sun, they can have the desired water content in just a few months.


How to calculate the consumption of your log heating system

In order to calculate the exact consumption of your wood heating system, we must first know the heat output.

This is calculated as follows:

0,1 kW / m² = heating capacity => At 200 m² you need approximately a heating capacity of 20 kW.

We determine the wood consumption with the formula heating capacity / heating value. The calorific value of hard logs, such as beech, is about 1,850 kWh/rm. By definition, the calorific value indicates how much heat a fuel produces. The higher the calorific value, the less wood is needed to generate a given amount of heat.

20 kW heating capacity / 1,850 kWh/rm calorific value = approx. 0.0108 rm wood/hour

An important criterion for the exact calculation of your consumption is also the efficiency of your new heating system. With a Neo-HV 50 you can reach a higher efficiency, so the following results:

0.01 rm wood/hour x 100 / 95 = approx. 0.0114 rm/hour.

With an average value of approx. 2,000 heating hours / year one needs approx. 22.8 rm wood/year with the above-mentioned consumption.

0,0114 rm x 2.000 = 22,8 rm/year

Interesting facts about lump wood

  • Did you know that 1 rm of beech weighs about 528 kg? In comparison, 1 rm of spruce weighs 355 kg.
  • 1 rm beech replaces approx. 211 lt oil or 211 m³ natural gas
  • Based on the average fuel price over the last 10 years, the price of logs is 65 euro/rm.

Piece wood comes from domestic forests – with wood heaters you heat environmentally friendly, CO₂-neutral and regional. State-of-the-art machines ensure simple and cost-effective production. The advantages of log wood are manifold and clear. For example, log wood is cheaper than oil and gas. In addition to the above-mentioned regionality, it is also crisis-proof. A long burning time and the possibility to combine the heating with a buffer storage round off the advantages.

You would like to receive further information about the costs of a log wood boiler? Here you will find what you are looking for.

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