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How to heat correctly

We provide important tips on how to heat properly in winter and thus reduce your heating costs.

Proper heating with wood can save you quite a bit on heating costs

  • Set room temperature correctly: Every degree counts and saves about 6% heating energy. In living rooms or kitchens, a temperature of 19-20° Celsius is often sufficient. In the bedroom, temperatures of around 16° Celsius are often perfectly adequate.
  • Turn up the thermostatic valve: Common valves have 5 individually adjustable stages. Starting with frost protection (*), through level 1 (approx. 12° Celsius), up to level 5 (approx. 28° Celsius). The individual levels differ by approx. 4°. If you now want to heat up a room to 20°, turn to level 3.
    Attention: Turning the thermostat to full does not heat the room faster! It only consumes energy unnecessarily.
  • Avoid unnecessary heat loss: Heating properly also means letting as little heat escape unnecessarily as possible. Seal your windows and doors. A simple foam or rubber sealing tape from the hardware store can already achieve good results. If available, shutters can also prevent unnecessary heat loss at night. If necessary, insulate the area behind the heater. This can also help you save on heating costs.
  • Ventilate properly: Open your windows regularly for a few minutes and do so several times a day. Tilting the windows, on the other hand, hardly creates an exchange of air, but the surrounding walls cool down and this promotes mold growth. In any case, close the thermostatic valves during ventilation so that energy is not wasted unnecessarily. Tip: Ventilate your radiators regularly!
  • Saving energy when heating: Cold rooms require more energy to reheat. Therefore, do not turn off the heating when you leave the house during the day. It is better to turn down the temperature, just as you do at night.

Important for proper heating is also the choice of the right fuel. For example, if you have your own wood thanks to forest ownership, you should use it for heating – provided the quality is right. The space available within your own 4 walls is also decisive for the choice of your heating system. Here, you should also take into account the space required for storing the fuel.

No matter whether manual, fully automatic or both in combination: With a biomass heating system from Hargassner you take a first step towards proper heating. Space-saving pellet boilers for every application, powerful wood chip boilers with effective feeding options or efficient log wood heaters with the latest gasifier technology: With us you will find biomass systems for every need!

We will help you make the right choice …

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