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MAGNO industrial boilers in the industrial sector


Hargassner heating systems for large heating requirements are ideal for commercial and industrial enterprises, hotels, farms as well as for public buildings, multi-purpose buildings, large-scale residential buildings or for local heating power plants of municipalities and micro grids of farmers. Combined in a cascade, the Hargassner MAGNO industrial heating system can achieve up to 10 MW, which corresponds to the heating requirements of approximately one thousand households.

Local heating power plants and microgrids

The principle of local heating – decentralised heating – is that people do not have to heat by themselves. A central biomass local heating network supplies heat to several households up to a smaller village. The independent boiler house contains the boiler room and the fuel storage room. Well-insulated pipes lead from the boiler house to the individual heat consumers. Local heating networks are one of the most convenient ways of heating for the end customer. Neither a heating room nor a storage room in one’s own house must be included in the calculation, nor does one as a pure heat consumer have anything to do with the preparation of the heat. A substations is installed in each participating building. It feeds the heat into the local heating system – e.g., into a detached house. Customers only pay for the heat they consume. This is measured transparently in the transfer station.

Cascade solution for greater flexibility

Most local heating networks use wood chips as fuel. With the Hargassner MAGNO, a heating capacity of up to 2.5 MW (for a single system) can be achieved. As a cascade solution, the heating capacity can be increased individually up to a maximum of 10 MW.

When municipalities choose a new system, it is tailored precisely to their needs. For example, a conscious decision can be made to operate two smaller boilers instead of one large one. One of the two will then provide the lower heat demand in summer. In winter, the second one is switched on or acts as a back-up to provide additional heat for other buildings and homes. It also increases overall reliability.

Industrial plants

Cascade solution for industrial requirements

The extensive requirements for industrial heating systems call for customised solutions. From planning and delivery to installation and commissioning, everything is tailored precisely to the customer’s needs. Experienced Hargassner engineers and project managers guarantee professional handling. Many reference plants in various industrial sectors, but also in the hotel industry or in large residential projects and the various installation situations required confirm Hargassner’s competence in combining large boilers. This applies both to continuous operation and to constantly changing output requirements – i.e., matched to a seasonal operation.

Reliable cost savings

Here it must be pointed out once again that the Magno series can be used to design highly efficient cascade solutions in series up to a maximum output of 10 MW for industrial applications, even for large areas. The sophisticated heating technology guarantees reliability for industrial operations through high failure safety and the best quality of workmanship. In times of energy transition and rising energy prices, such industrial heating cascades with biomass are an efficient solution to save operating costs quickly and permanently. Commercial enterprises are particularly interested in the fact that sophisticated control systems can be optimally matched to a company’s manufacturing processes.