Wood chip cascade

Heating system for home & hotel

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Eco-HK 70-120 Hargassner


The owners of a complex of buildings in Marciena/Latvia were looking for an optimal heating solution for their property, which is being extended to include a hotel. The main focus was on the use of their own wood from their 600-hectare forest and the individual adjustment of the heating output. After all, not only the private house with a living area of around 500 m², but also the outbuildings with a total area of around 1,500 m² were to be heated as required. Our partner SIA Oferte AGL found the perfect solution: a Hargassner cascade system with two Eco-HK 90 kW – either to heat all the outbuildings, or to reduce the output if the heat requirement for the existing private house is lower.

The fully satisfied Hargassner customers are particularly enthusiastic about the fully automatic operation of the boilers and the increased operational reliability of the cascade system. In addition, the family uses wood chips, the most inexpensive fuel of all, which they source from their own forest.