wood chip boiler

Heating system for the Stettenhof

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Eco-HK 130-230 Hargassner

The Stettenhof, an idyllic farm on the edge of the Swabian Alb with a view of the Danube valley, comprises various buildings: a residential and guest house, staff accommodation, a workshop and training rooms. The total area to be heated is 1,330 m². After the old 100 kW wood chip system broke down, the Hartmann family started looking for a new heating system. There was only an approx. 15 m² room available for this in the house. However, the boiler offered by the installer was too large for this. In his search for a suitable, powerful new wood chip boiler, Martin Hartmann came across Hargassner and our sales representative Josef Wiedemann. One of the strengths of our heating technology is that it packs a lot of power into a very small space.

The challenge when planning the project was that, in addition to the limited space, there were hardly any reliable building plans, as the Stettenhof estate has been in existence since around 1240.