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One of the most important aspects of installing a wood chip heating system is planning the fuel storage room. Regardless of whether the storage room is in the house being heated or in an adjacent building and regardless of whether it’s in  the basement, at ground level or on the first floor, Hargassner has the right solution for every customer requirement. Of course, the storage room should be easy to fill and as big as possible or, as the case may be, as big as necessary.  Installing the heating system in an adjacent building can offer some major advantages, because there is more space available and the storage room is also usually easier to fill.

Boiler room & storage room
at ground level

In an adjacent building or a boiler house: This type of storage room is filled by the chipper itself or by a tractor with a front loader.

Boiler room & storage room
in an adjacent building

Here, the storage room (on the first floor) is filled by a vertical filling auger. The extraction is performed by an agitator system with downpipe.

Boiler room and storage room
in the basement

Here, the storage room in the basement of the house is filled by a horizontal filling auger on the ceiling with an outside shaft.

Heating system for a local
heating network

Here, the boiler and storage rooms are housed in a completely separate building. The storage room is below ground level and can easily be filled from the top.

Heating Modules

Storage Room Solutions

Are you looking for an alternative storage space solution? Take a look at our individually adaptable heating modules, which represent the perfect combination of heating & storage room.

Fuel extraction with coordinated concept

Modular downpipe system

The storage room is on the 1st floor and the heating system at ground level? No problem! Hargassner offers a modular downpipe system for these situations. A downpipe  is installed between the fuel extraction system and the stoker auger. This system consists of a basic module and different extension pipes of 100, 500 and 1,000 mm in  length. There is an extendable pipe that can be adjusted to anywhere between 30 and 400 mm and enables the downward section to be set to the required length exactly. If  there is a lateral misalignment, two 30° bends will be used. The fixation is made by clamping rings.

Ascending auger

If there is a walkable space or aisle between the fuel extraction system and the stoker auger, the fuel extraction auger is countersunk and the connection to the stoker auger  is made with the ascending auger. It consists of a drive unit and a 1 m basic module, and a range of extensions can be added to i