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Austria solar seal of quality

People can use solar energy, also known as solar power, effectively. The sun emits almost constant radiation energy, which is therefore, unlike fossil fuels, an almost inexhaustible source of energy.

Now you want to use the energy of the sun in your house? By means of solar collectors, this is no problem. Roughly speaking, with the help of flat or tubular solar collectors with mostly black-coated absorber surfaces, the solar energy is captured and converted into heat.

When used purposefully, you can use the sun’s rays for heating and hot water by means of a solar thermal system. Solar heat is used sensibly when you can consume most of the generated energy yourself. The size of the collectors, their orientation and inclination, as well as the type of heating, are decisive for the yield.

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Trust the Austria Solar seal of approval when choosing a solar system

When choosing your solar heating system, look for the Austria Solar seal of approval! As a customer, you will benefit from solar providers that bear the seal of quality, as they offer a longer warranty on the collectors (10 years) and the domestic hot water tanks (5 years). Internet-enabled controllers, well-insulated storage tanks with very little energy loss, and high-efficiency pumps with low power consumption distinguish the bearers of the Austria Solar seal of approval. The components of the system are tested according to valid standards, and the documentation is simply prepared so that it is easy to understand.

All these individual requirements increase the yield of the solar system and thus save energy costs. In all Austrian provinces (except Vorarlberg), this quality seal is now anchored in the funding conditions for solar heating.

Hargassner receives Austria Solar seal of approval

This year, among others, Hargassner GesmbH was awarded the Austrian Solar Seal of Quality. The seal of approval is monitored by an independent commission consisting of a court-certified expert and two representatives of member companies, who are elected annually at the general assembly. The commission reviews the submitted documents of the suppliers and makes a recommendation to the board of Austria Solar. The board decides on the award of the seal of approval for a period of three years.

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