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Combined heating systems: wood log & pellets

Crisis-proof duo for the future

Today, building owners are faced with increasingly complex tasks due to rising prices, scarce building space and the desire for sustainability. Especially the challenge of “energy-efficient, ecological building” often collides with the desire for individuality and the desire for more space. One asks oneself: How to counter rising fuel prices? How to ensure cosy warmth for the family in uncertain times in the long term?

Biomass pioneer Hargassner Heiztechnik provides answers by rethinking successful concepts. One very “smart” development is new variants of combined boilers. These already included the tried-and-tested classic combination of a manual log heating system, which could be supplemented with a pellet boiler if necessary (e.g. in case of absence, illness).

Hargassner has made a concept change for single-family homes, holiday homes or even lump wood enthusiasts, in that a pellet heating system in its basic concept can be converted to a lump wood heating system, in a very compact form, if required. The advantages are obvious. The comfort of an automated pellet heating system can be combined with the crisis safety of a lump wood heating system.

“The whole thing is conceived in such a compact way that it also becomes interesting for the common detached house or a holiday home. This product is currently appealing to many people who are unsettled by the energy crisis, the eco-turnaround and the global political upheaval regarding fossil fuels,” explains Anton Hofer, product manager at Hargassner.

Practical 2-in1 solution

To be able to calculate the exact consumption of your wood heating system, we first need to know the heating output.

The compact duo of the Hargassner “Smart-HV” log heating system and the “Nano-PK” pellet boiler combines two highly efficient heat exchangers and targeted heat distribution with the lowest heat loss and highest efficiencies. This combination consists of a manually fillable log boiler from 17 to 23 kW and the pellet boiler from 6 to 32 kW with automatic heat exchanger cleaning and innovative discharge system. The energy label is A+.

The compact and small design of the “Smart-HV + Nano-PK” is ideal for anyone who mainly heats with pellets and only occasionally wants to switch to logs. This is the perfect combination of comfort and crisis-proof heating. A modern product which, with the know-how of four decades, has secured a firm place among the top sellers in the Hargassner product portfolio.

Four combination options for every need

The Hargassner combi boilers are available in four different combination options. They adapt optimally to the needs of the customer. Regardless of whether a low-cost entry-level model or a convenient variant with a large filling chamber and automatic filling of the pellets is desired. “Those looking for a particularly favourable price-performance ratio have certainly made a good choice with the combination of two manually fillable boilers such as the “Smart-HV + Smart-PK”. It can be operated for up to ten days without refilling,” continues Hargassner product manager Anton Hofer.

The Hargassner range can also offer the proven principle of primary lump wood heaters that only want to switch to pellet operation occasionally. The combination “Neo-HV + Nano-PK” is an automatic log boiler with a large filling chamber and a pellet boiler that can be filled fully automatically, offering maximum convenience. If the “Neo-HV” log boiler is combined with a “Smart-PK” pellet boiler, you are well equipped for occasional pellet operation.

The fully automatic switchover between pellet and log operation as well as individual installation options round off the picture of the new combination variants.

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