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Neo-HV &

Automatic log boiler with pellet alternative Energy efficiency class: A+
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  • Automatic wood log operation
  • Automatic switch to pellets
  • 10 days of heating without refilling
  • Touch-Display

Wood log preferred - pellets as an alternative

Premium log boiler with the comfort of pellets

This combi boiler solution is ideal for anyone who mainly heats with logs and occasionally wants to switch to pellets: The automatic Neo-HV wood log boiler with a large filling chamber and the Smart-PK pellet boiler with manual filling and a long filling interval of up to a week, guarantees maximum heating convenience.

The wood log boiler is ignited automatically when the accumulator can no longer cover the heat demand. If the wood log boiler is empty, the system will automatically switch to pellets. This combi option can run for up to ten days without being  refilled.

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  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Highest efficiency
  • Fully refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber for highest efficiency
  • Lambda sensor for fuel quality detection
  • Touch-Display
  • Speed-controlled induced draft fan
  • High comfort through automatic switch to pellets
  • Low space requirements
  • Individual installation possibilities
  • Automatic ignition optional
  • Energy efficiency class A+

Our boilers in detail

of Neo-HV & Smart-PK


You can easily discover the reliable Neo-HV 20-60 kW + Smart-PK 17-32 kW here by turning it to all sides, tilting it or tilting it. It has also proven itself in 3D visualisation.

With augmented reality and the AR button, you can easily visualise this boiler for primary lump wood heaters in your future boiler room. You only need to place it on your smartphone or tablet with your fingers, rotate and scale it. You already have an exact picture of the integration of the Neo-HV 20-60 kW + Nano-PK 6-32 kW in your room.

All technical details and important components can be found in the following sectional drawing.

Open 3D model in a new window

Left – Wood log boiler Neo-HV 20–60

  1. Large filling door
  2. Large filling chamber for ½ m logs (up to 60 cm)
  3. Combustion chamber lining – prevents tar formation
  4. Heat-up door with automatic ignition (optional)
  5. Primary air motor
  6. Secondary air motor
  7. High-quality, massive refractory-lined combustion chamber
  8. High-temperature burnout zone
  9. Ash separation zone
  10. Lambda sensor
  11. Turbulators
  12. Heat exchanger
  13. Autom. boiler cleaning system
  14. Exhaust fan
  15. Top smoulder gas ventilation
  16. Optional back-end protection
  17. Cooling coil for thermal safety circuit
  18. Cleaning door
  19. Ash pan
  20. Standard filling chamber lighting

Right – Pellet boiler Smart-PK 17–32

  1. Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
  2. Sliding grate
  3. Secondary air stream with inlet openings
  4. Primary air
  5. Ash pan
  6. Automatic ignition with 300 W
  7. Stoker auger
  8. Heat exchanger
  9. Turbulators with manual heat boiler cleaning system
  10. Exhaust fan
  11. Pellet day hopper
  12. Metering rotary valve
  13. Lambda sensor
  14. Air connection AIO / ADO
  15. Fill level indicator
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