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Mobile heating systems: Advantages & possibilities

What is a mobile heating system?

Mobile heating systems come in many shapes and forms. But while the first associations may be a classic radiant heater or an electric radiator, mobile and stationary heaters are also available on a grand scale. Mobile heating systems can even provide heat for entire buildings – from marquees to detached houses to warehouses.

Heating container solutions with biomass boilers and integrated fuel storage space can be long-lasting, flexible and space-saving alternatives to conventional boilers that are permanently installed inside buildings. Mobile heating systems from the Austrian heating manufacturer Hargassner are suitable for use in areas such as domestic buildings, restaurants and hotels, agriculture, commerce and industry, as well as for contracting. In addition, the Power Box is the ideal solution for temporary infrastructure such as marquees at events of all sizes.

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Flexible application: The advantages of mobile heating systems

Flexibility and mobility are the most obvious advantages of a mobile heating system – but they are by no means the only ones. Because these external modules with wood log, wood chip or pellet boilers can supply buildings with heat from the outside and thus save space inside. If there is no space for the heating system and storage room inside – for example, because there is no cellar – or if the available space is to be used differently, a mobile heating system can provide a remedy and move the infrastructure into a container next to the building.

Even at events in tents or similar, the Power Box from Hargassner, for example, provides an uncomplicated and efficient heat supply that requires no structural effort and can also be quickly de-installed and removed.

Hargassner’s prefabricated system components are quickly delivered, set up and easily connected to the heating infrastructure of a building. In many cases, they can be extended and easily moved or transported if required – for relocations or conversions. In addition, the planning costs and the construction effort are very low. These systems are also flexible in terms of design and structural integration. They are suitable for new buildings as well as for existing properties.

Mobile heating systems from Hargassner


A mobile heating system of a special kind is Hargassner’s Power Box. It combines a heating and drying system in a compact container solution that is ideal for agriculture. In winter, you can enjoy the warmth of the powerful wood chip or pellet heating system; in summer, you can use the warm air flow of the radial fan to dry grain, maize, hay or wood chips.

At the same time, the Power Box is the perfect solution for events of all kinds and promises maximum flexibility. With the warm air from biomass, event tents with several hundred square metres can be heated without any problems. This makes the mobile heating systems an ecological alternative to the conventional oil boilers that are usually used at such events.

With eight mobile heating containers, Hargassner supplied seven tents with a total area of 2,275 m² at the FIS Ski Flying World Cup at Kulm in January 2023. In the process, 30,000 litres of heating oil and 87 tonnes of CO2 were saved – and a well-heated tent landscape for the audience, press and VIPs was well provided for at the major event in wintry Upper Styria.

Heating Module

Single- or double floor: The various standardised heating modules from Hargassner can be matched to the heating requirements of the respective building or business and can be heated with pellets or wood chips as desired.

Even a single-floor heating module can hold between 9 and 19 t of pellets or 20 and 32 m³ of wood chips. The heating capacity of the pellet version is 40 to 200 kW and of the wood chip version 20 to 120 kW.

The double-floor models can produce up to 660 kW (pellets) or 200 kW (wood chips), and the large multiple heating modules with wood chip system have a maximum output of 1,000 kW.


The Eco-Box is a single-floor heating module that not only provides a heating room, but also universal storage options at the same time. Pellet or wood log boiler on one side, storage space for garden tools, bicycles, children’s toys, car tyres or workshop on the other.

The ideal solution for those who are looking for more storage space and at the same time want to outsource their heating system. With pellet boilers, this mobile multi-purpose heater can provide up to 40 kW, with wood log it is up to 60 kW.

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Systematic outsourcing: Hargassner’s mobile heating systems are the ideal solution when there is a lack of space within your own four walls and can also be used as a storage room or drying facility. Regardless of whether it is an event, private household, agriculture, hotel or industry: thanks to the prefabricated system, the mobile heating systems can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements as well as to the conditions on site and, if necessary, expanded and modified later.

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