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A pellet heating system for a detached house

How much does a pellet heating system cost for my single-family home? What are the running costs after installation? What can my new heating system do for a private household? These are just a few questions that home builders or renovators ask themselves before deciding on a new heating system. With our pellet heating systems, there is a suitable solution for everyone. They are environmentally friendly, CO₂-neutral and cost-effective. In addition, they are heavily subsidized in many countries.

What are the costs of purchasing a pellet heating system for my single-family home?

It is difficult to give an exact value here as a general rule. The costs vary, for example, depending on the effort required for construction or conversion. The choice of heating system also clearly plays a decisive role here. Thus it makes a difference whether the choice falls on a favorable entrance model, as for example the Smart-PK, with which the filling of the pellets takes place by means of bag commodity, or whether one decides for a product from the fully automatic and comfortable Nano-PK series. There is also the possibility of choosing a system with condensing technology, such as the Nano-PK Plus, which promises the most efficient heating with wood with a efficiency maximisation.

When it comes to suitable heating systems for private households, the requirements can quickly become demanding in many cases. With our biomass heating systems, we have secured a firm place among the top sellers in this segment over the past decades. In times of ‘fridays for future’, ‘mission2030’ and many such buzzwords, it is a ‘must’ to rethink. Thus, Hargassner’s current wood pellet range developed from 6 kW up to 2.5 MW as a cascade solution.

Why should you think about buying a wood pellet heating system? The combination of the latest technology with the know-how of the last 37 years guarantees our customers a modern and highly efficient product. High efficiency and low heating costs included!

In addition to the heating systems, a wide variety of storage solutions also play an important role in the decision for a biomass heating system. Here, too, we offer an individually adaptable solution for every situation.

As a full-range supplier, you will also find all heating accessories in our portfolio, whether buffers or boilers, right up to solar panels.

Smart Home of the latest generation

All Hargassner heaters can be controlled externally at any time and from anywhere using an app solution. Simply download the smart home app to your cell phone and you’re ready to go. Our heaters can also be connected to common home automation systems.

Pellet heaters for single-family homes – the advantages at a glance

  • Compact and space-saving, adaptable to spatial requirements
  • Low emissions and high efficiency thanks to sophisticated combustion technology
  • Simple control thanks to Smart-Touch and Smart-Home
  • CO₂-neutral and odorless
  • Heating with regional fuels
  • Independence from oil and gas
  • Financial support through federal and state subsidies
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