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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner

With the wood chip heating system from Hargassner, I found the best heating solution for me and was able to greatly reduce the workload at the same time.

    Piggeries in older properties are often heated with oil or gas systems, but this hardly benefits the air quality and thus animal welfare. As part of the farm renovation, the farming family from Rotthalmünster in Germany decided to switch to a new heating system – woodchip technology. This is because thanks to their own forestry stock, the annual demand of about 110 m³ of wood chips can be covered without any problems. Thus, both the entire farm area of 600 m² and the stables, which are linked to the ventilation control system, are now heated with the wood chip boiler ECO-HK 35 from Hargassner.

    With the new heating system, more than 600 m² of living space on the farm, as well as all stables, are heated centrally. With the purchase of two accumulator tanks with 1,500 L each, not only can the boiler output be kept correspondingly low, but peak loads can also be absorbed. Conclusion of the proud owner: “One thing above all was important to me: a constant heat supply with little effort, which my new Hargassner heating system completely fulfils. And because of the cheap fuel, I was even able to save massively on pig feed – by a whole 1.20 euros per pig.”