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Wood central heating systems from Hargassner

With wood central heating to cozy warmth from nature

Since the invention of fire, mankind has been heating with wood – the CO₂-neutral and environmentally friendly fuel. Everyone knows the pleasant feeling that spreads as soon as the logs crackle in the fireplace and the irresistible scent of the forest and nature wafts through the rooms.

The development of wood heaters has picked up speed rapidly in recent decades. And so the wood-fired central heating systems have been able to master themselves into true automation wonders. Every customer who chooses a wood chip boiler or a pellet boiler as a central heating system receives a modern product, which is characterized by intuitive control, a high degree of automation and many other technical features.

Anyone can heat with wood, whether we are talking about a single-family home or a large industrial plant. Anyone who wants to can switch to environmentally friendly biomass heating system. The possibilities are manifold and can be individually adapted to the customer’s wishes.

First, you choose the fuel that best suits your needs. No matter whether one decides for pellets or wood chips or also gladly for piece wood as fuel: Each material has its advantages and can be used in a wood central heating system.

Heating with logs also has its appeal. Especially if you have the heating material for central heating – e.g. in the form of forest – virtually on your doorstep. If you still split the wood by hand, you can do something for your own fitness at the same time. The degree of automation in wood log heating systems is still limited. Nevertheless, there are already suppliers who have, for example, built an automatic ignition into their products. They fill the heater when they have time – for example, in the morning when they leave the house – and set the ignition to another arbitrary time. That way, it’s purposefully cozy and warm when they get home from work in the evening.


In the course of deciding on central heating, people also discuss the best possible of the storage system. Can’t be done, doesn’t exist. Not only biomass heating systems have undergone intensive research and development in recent decades. There is also a wide range of storage solutions, starting with auger or suction systems for pellets or the refuelling system for outside or inside for wood chips.

This sounds very extensive now, but as with every good product, there are hard-working helpers in the background who are available to advise you when it comes to converting or building a new heating system.

The cost of central heating

If you would like to know now what costs you will incur when switching to a new, environmentally friendly heating system, you can find out more in the articles below.

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