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Costs & factors when buying a wood chip heating system

Acquisition and operating costs of a wood chip heating system

If you look at wood chip heating in particular, you have to consider both the initial cost and the operating costs. We will show you what distinguishes this particular biomass heating and how much such a wood chip heating can cost.

Anyone who wants to install a modern and efficient wood chip heating system should expect costs in the mid €10,000 range. In addition, there are the costs for the discharge system and the storage room for this type of wood heating, which are in the low to mid 4-digit price range. Then there is the question of whether you also need a storage system. We therefore always recommend a consultation with our trained sales team or with the heating engineer you trust. They can plan the technology, calculate it precisely and prepare a customized offer.

Also with wood chip heaters one may not forget the currently extremely good promotions, by which the acquisition costs can be reduced substantially.

What distinguishes our wood chip heating systems?

Converting to a wood chip heating system is an extensive project that requires good planning in advance. In any case, get help with the planning and do not save at the wrong end. Especially the boiler as well as the discharge are exposed to some stress in the course of time and should therefore be processed in any case high quality.

We have now been manufacturing wood chip heaters since 1984. The know-how from this long time is reflected in the manufacture, processing and functionality of these heaters. Power saving and energy cost reducing by a room discharge with lowest drive power of only 0.18 kW (at 70-330 kW: 0.25-0.55 kW) and a robust, highly efficient spur gear. Due to the enormously high gear efficiency, it quickly eclipses conventional room discharges.

Savings of up to 67% can be achieved compared to conventional room dischargers. A decisive advantage lies in the GreenTech EC technology in the electrical speed control, which has a significantly lower power consumption (up to 80% savings). As a final point, we would like to mention here the energy-saving ignition, whose power consumption has been reduced to a low 300 watts.

With our special step crusher grate, a wide variety of qualities of wood chips, pellets, but also agricultural fuels such as miscanthus can be easily and conveniently burned. All these advantages guarantee the customer an effective and fully automatic heating system when buying a wood chip heating system. Cost-effective heating material and low maintenance requirements also help to keep operating costs low.

Who are the customers of a wood chip heating system?

Wood chip heating systems are mostly used in the agricultural sector, but also in commercial or industrial enterprises, as well as in the field of local & district heating, in short, everywhere where a higher heat demand is given and the storage of the wood chips is not a problem.

May we actively support you in finding the right heating system for you? Find your Hargassner contact person here.

The fuel wood chips

Wood chips are small chopped wood residues, which cannot be processed in any other way. Their use as fuel is therefore an ecological form of waste disposal. They are enormously inexpensive because the effort required to produce them is limited, but they also require more space because – unlike pellets – they are not compressed. One can expect about 1.5 – 2 m³ of space requirement per kilowatt of heating load, which varies depending on bulk density or water content.

Drying the fuel in advance to below 30% water content is highly recommended to avoid providing space for undesirable bacteria or mold spores, which would otherwise start decomposing the fuel.