Luge world champion
relies on biomass

Heating system
for Nico Gleirscher

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Nano-PK 20–32 Pelletheizung Hargassner

For me, heating must be uncomplicated, reliable and controllable from anywhere. My new Hargassner pellet boiler fulfils all of these requirements, and in addition I’m able to make a contribution to climate protection through CO₂-neutral heating.

Nico Gleirscher , Luge world champion, switching from oil to pellets

    In the course of a major renovation in the multi-generation house, family Gleirscher decided to replace the old oil heating system with a sustainable heating system. The choice fell on a pellet heating system from biomass pioneer Hargassner. Accordingly, the entire residential complex is now heated comparatively inexpensively with the Nano-PK 20 pellet boiler.

    Thanks to the app control, Nico Gleirscher always has an overview, no matter where the professional luger is. His summary: “I decided on a heating system from Hargassner because I place a lot of value on the quality of a local company. In addition to regionality, sustainability is also important to me. With my new pellet boiler, I’m able to use a regional fuel that is also made from a by-product of wood processing. The reliable Hargassner remote control was another important factor for me, because especially in winter I’m travelling a lot.”