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Wood Chip Boiler

20–60 kW

The sum of top heating solutions.
Energy label: A+
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  • Unique step grate system
  • Automatic fuel quality detection
  • Cost-reducing with eco mode
  • Eco-control for lowest micro-dust levels

State-of-the-art wood chip heating technology

Heating system for the small and medium output range

Hargassner’s wood chip poilers for the small and medium output range is particularly suitable for use by farmers as well as single-family and multi-family homes. First-class efficiencies enable cost-effective heating.

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  • Unique step grate system
  • Highest efficiency
  • Firebed monitoring with contactless sensors
  • Lambda sensor with fuel quality detection
  • Heat exchanger cleaning system (in 1st + 2nd pass)
  • Energy-saving ignition: 300 W
  • Z-form double rotary valve - 100% burn-back safety
  • Induced draught (EC motor) with vacuum monitoring
  • Ash discharge for fly ash & grate ash
  • No thermal safety circuit necessary
  • Left & right boiler version (return lift always on the insertion side)
  • Modern touch display control
  • Mobile control - smart home app
  • 5 year warranty acc. warranty card
  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Integrated return lift (optional)
  • Fully automatic ash extraction system (optional)
  • Option: Wood log combustion

Our boilers in detail

of Eco-HK 20–60 kW


Discover the low wood chip output range in all-round comfort – simply move and zoom the Eco-HK 20–60 kW boiler in all directions as desired.

Experience this modern heating technology right now in your own future boiler room. With augmented reality, you can see into the future of your wood chip heating system with the AR button. Simply click the AR button and use your fingers to position, rotate and scale the boiler. You will already have an idea of how the Eco-HK 20–60 kW will fit perfectly into your room.

All technical details and important components await you in the following sectional view.

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  1. Step grate system
  2. Firebed level control
  3. Turbulators with autom. boiler cleaning system (also in 1st pass)
  4. Ash box 30 l; optional: ash suction system for very long maintenance intervals
  5. Automatic ignition with 300 W
  6. Bicameral rotary valve in Z-form (18 cm depth)
  7. Recirculation
  8. Heat exchanger: no thermal safety circuit required
  9. Exhaust fan (EC motor) with negative pressure monitoring
  10. Integrated back-end protection, optional
  11. Eco-RA – energy-saving fuel extraction
  12. Ash extraction system for fly and grate ash
  13. Negative pressure monitoring
  14. Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
  15. Flame concentration jets made of high-quality refractory
  16. Lambda sensor
  17. Stainless steel stoker auger and pipe
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Nominal capacity (NC)
Fuel heat output
Minimum capacity
Electric capacity
NCV efficiency at nominal output
NCV efficiency at 30 % nominal output
GCV efficiency at nominal output
GCV at 30 % nominal output
Seasonal energy efficiency ETAs
Boiler temperature range
Measures (w x h x d)
Filling volume
Space requirement
Flue pipe diameter
Ash box volume
Water content
Energy label
    Eco-HK 20
    Nominal capacity (NC) 20 kW
    Fuel heat output 20,8 kW
    Minimum capacity 6 kW
    Electric capacity - kW
    NCV efficiency at nominal output (nn) in % 96,2* %
    NCV efficiency at 30 % nominal output (np) 93,7 %
    GCV efficiency at nominal output 86,5 %
    GCV efficiency at 30 % nominal output 84,3 %
    Seasonal energy efficiency ETAs 79** / 79** %
    Boiler temperature range 69-78 °C
    Measures (w x h x d) 660 x 1455 x 1230 mm
    Weight 690 kg
    Filling volume - l
    Space requirement 0,81
    Flue pipe diameter 150 mm
    Ash box volume 30 l
    Water content 100 l
    Flow/Return 5/4 "
    Boiler label A+
    Eco-HK 30
    Nominal capacity (NC) 30 kW
    Fuel heat output 31,8 kW
    Minimum capacity 9 kW
    Electric capacity - kW
    NCV efficiency at nominal output (nn) in % 95,9* %
    NCV efficiency at 30 % nominal outp