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Nano-PK 6–15 Pelletheizung Hargassner

We are amazed at how quick and easy it is to replace an old oil heating system with a modern pellet boiler. Our new system was up and running within four working days.

Viktor Felbermayr , Conversion from oil to pellets, semi-detached house

    In the Felbermayr family home, the 40-year-old oil-fired heating system supported by a heat pump had reached its end of service. In the search for a new sustainable heating system with CO2-neutral fuel, the choice soon fell on a pellet boiler from Hargassner. The total living space of 230 m² is now heated in an environmentally conscious and – compared to fossil fuels – cost-effective way with the Nano-PK 9 pellet boiler.

    Viktor Felbermayr’s conclusion: “The switch from oil to pellets was surprisingly quick, and the purchase costs are manageable considering the current high subsidies in Austria. We are very happy that we finally have an environmentally friendly heating system in our house and are no longer dependent on the oil price, which can fluctuate greatly. The heat pump alone had an annual electricity consumption of 11,500 kWh, and now we need about six tonnes of pellets per year. Despite seasonal and demand-related price fluctuations for pellets, this is a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative.”