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Pellet Boiler

Nano-PK Plus
6–15 kW

The PLUS in condensation & condensing technology Energy label: A++
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  • Save pellets & heating costs
  • State-of-the-art condensing technology
  • Reduction of micro-dust emissions
  • Robust construction

Good for you - Good for the environment

Condensing boiler technology: Would you like a little more?

Every fuel has a certain water content. During combustion, this evaporates and normally goes outside with the flue gases through the chimney. The flue gas heat exchanger brings the temperature below the condensation point (dew point) and condenses it out again. The resulting condensation heat and the reduction of the flue gas temperature are used by condensing technology to increase efficiency to the maximum. With the condensing system, a higher efficiency is achieved even at higher return temperatures, because the flue gases are cooled considerably further.
This reduces pellet consumption, lowers heating costs and protects the environment.

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Additional advantages to the Nano-PK 6–15 pellet heating system:
  • Effective condensation with the latest condensing technology
  • Higher energy yield with low-temperature systems
  • Lower pellet consumption - save heating costs
  • Highest efficiency
  • Filtering of flue gases and reduction of fine dust emissions
  • Robust construction - stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 5-year warrantyacc. warranty card
  • Energy efficiency class A++

Our boilers in detail

of Nano-PK Plus 6–15 kW

The plus of visualisation!

Examine and experience the strong compact from its best sides and in 3D. Turn, tilt and incline the Nano-PK Plus 6–15 kW – including additional condensation heat exchanger – according to your own ideas.

Experience the extraordinary heating technology with highest efficiency increase in your own future boiler room – right now on the screen. Thanks to augmented reality, you can use the AR button to see the future placement of your heating centre in advance.

Simply use your smartphone or tablet to place the boiler where you would like to see it later. You already have a foretaste of how the efficiency champion can be perfectly integrated into your room.

You can find all the technical details and important components of the pellet heating system in the following sectional image.

Open 3D model in a new window
  1.  Flue gas boiler
  2. Boiler return flow
  3. Heating return
  4. Automatic cleaning (cold water flushing)
  5. Stainless steel corrugated pipe heat exchanger
  6. Insulation
  7. Flue gas chimney
  8. Condensate drain with siphon

Plus all additional advantages of the Nano-PK 6-15

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Nominal capacity (NC)
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NCV efficiency at nominal output
NCV efficiency at 30 % nominal output
GCV efficiency at nominal output
GCV at 30 % nominal output
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Boiler temperature range
Measures (w x h x d)
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Space requirement
Flue pipe diameter
Ash box volume
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